HashFlare Coupon – 2017 Promo Code

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HashFlare Coupon – 2017 Promo Code

hashflare discount

Hey friends,

Have you seen the cryptocurrency prices lately? Things are going wild! Especially Ethereum and Dash.

You may have wondered – is it still good to mine? Well, as of today, the profitability of our contracts is the following:

  • SHA-256 – 120%
  • Scrypt – 160%
  • Ethereum – 120%
  • Dash – 130%

But there is more! To celebrate the beginning of sunny days, we are also giving a 5% discount.

Don’t forget to use the code HF17MAYDISC5 when making a purchase! The code will last until the 15th of May.

Follow the news and invest wisely!

hashflare discount



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